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songwriting + recording summer camp

Write a song.       Record that song.      Release that song.       All in 2 weeks time!

Yes it is possible to release your music and make it available to the world in "record" time.  In this summer camp for ages 10-17, your child will be introduced to all the skills they need to be able to create radio-ready songs and put them into practice right away. Our studio is warm and inviting, like it's owner.


what we cover

The camp starts with the students learning the 7 tools that go into writing a song and start writing right away.  Once the songs are finished we learn how different instruments are tracked and add them to their songs.  Every student helps out with each song so they are always engaged. By the end of the first week everyone has their instrumental tracks down.  The 2nd week is entirely devoted to recording vocals and mixing.  Students get hands on experience tracking each others vocals and then learn about the 5 most important tools in mixing a song.  By Friday they have the option to upload their song to BandCamp and share it with the world. Students learn by doing, not by watching. We also go over how they can set up a recording studio in their own room (for a reasonable price) so they can continue to  apply the skills they learn here. 


studio tour

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