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music in the park

Learn music and have fun in the fresh air with Song Squared! Our two Music in the Park classes are the perfect experience for your child to learn new instruments and make new friends, all in a beautiful outdoor setting. All levels of music experience are welcome (even if your child has no musical experience yet) and we keep class sizes small to ensure each student gets the attention they need.


music makers of the world

You won’t believe all the places music can take you! Music Makers of the World is a 55-minute class that takes children around the world to a new destination each week. Divided into a dozen fun activities, your child will not only learn about the music and instruments of different countries, but also the dances, cuisines, and cultures of our neighbors around the globe. No music experience is required for this class.

ukulele learning circle

ukulele learning circle

ukulele learning circle

Join our vibrant community of ukulele lovers in the great outdoors. Our learning circle is a place for guidance and education on aspects of the ukulele that are proving challenging, where musicians with more experience can mentor newer musicians through collaborative, hands-on learning. Students who are new to the ukulele take the first month to get the basics of the instrument down, then progress to learning the songs they WANT to play… sooner than you might think! New ukulele players can learn on a provided instrument to get the basics down; you don’t need to bring your own ukulele to get started!


drumming and strumming
(for toddlers to age 6)

It's a weekly concert tour, where your child is the star!  Drumming and Strumming allows your young one to play hand drums and percussion instruments along with their favorite songs while traveling the globe.  Each week this class combines a few fun facts about a different country with dance and motion activities to keep them active and engaged throughout the 30-minute class. 

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