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online classes

We offer Montessori-style multi-age classes where young musicians can collaborate and support one another! 

Older musicians are proud to act as role models, and younger musicians feel supported and gain confidence.

These online classes are hands-on and combine learning with fun.


ukulele learning circle

Join the fun with our safe and vibrant community of ukulele players in an online class setting! Our learning circle is a place for guidance and education where musicians with more experience can mentor newer musicians through collaborative learning. We keep our class sizes small (3-6 students) to ensure each child gets the attention they need. No music experience is required for this class. Beginners take the first month to get the basics of the instrument down, then progress to learning the songs they WANT to play. We can’t wait for you to join the circle!


songwriting workshop

Song Writing Club.jpg



Coming together is a beginning; working together is success! This ongoing workshop is a safe space for students to showcase songs they are working on, strengthen their songwriting skills and learn helpful techniques in the process of writing songs. We keep our class sizes small to ensure each child gets the attention they need. 


guitar session and a lesson

Guitar Club.jpg

Learning the guitar has never been so engaging and fun. In this online class, we hold lively sessions within our safe community. Guitarists can share and get feedback on the songs they are working on, and each lesson held is a time for guidance and education on all aspects of the guitar. This combo of a session and a lesson guarantees to set any guitarist up for success.

the 88-key crew

Unlock your piano potential with The 88-Key Crew, a place for students of all levels to come together and share their talent. In this online community, pianists help each other succeed by sharing their progress and guiding one another through any challenges they face. Small class sizes ensure that each student gets the attention they require. Beginner at piano? No problem. The 88-Key Crew is a great, inexpensive way to see if your child is a good fit for this instrument. Even beginners will be playing songs within the first month of joining the Crew, so register now!

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